We have been doing rockets and we have just finished making them and just started launching them  oh boy they go hie!  This project started after us just finishing the studying of the laws of physics.  Making thees rockets was fun.  Every person was partnered up with somebody to make the rocket.  Shane found a video to have us follow so we could make the rocket easier-THANKS SHANE!  Before making the rocket all the groups had to watch the video first so we could understand how to make the rocket.  And then we also had instructions to help.  Shane had gotten Rocket kits for all of us.  After we finished washing the video we had to then make it-DUH!  It was very fun to make.  But it was not so easy as you expect it to be.  It was a lot more intricate Than out fins and pasting them on any wear you think it would go.  No it was measuring, assembling it just perfectly.  Crafting.  It was fun to launch them and make themHigh School Physics Activities | LoveToKnow

roller coasters

we have started adventuring out into the world of physics.  For physics we are doing roller coasters.  Which has a bunch of physics involved with it.  in physics there is different types of energy.  Potential and kinetic  energy.  Potential energy is energy due to position.  Kinetic energy is energy due to motion.  For making the roller coasters we, my group had to find the spots of the roller coster the had these types of energy.  The material we made this out of was was tubing, tape, and long wood sticks.  The class was broken into many groups.  My group was Gus, Jack, Eddie, and me, Michael.  Then we were assigned to start constructing the ideas/model on paper, and roller coaster.  My group first watched a video on the contras of poteanchle energy and kinetic energy, to learn about the basics of physics before we started making our product.  We are now in this present time have finished our roller coaster.  It was fun but there was hard and tough problems we had to push through and persevere as the same we have to do in life, in the bumps on the road ahead of us but we have to persevere through them and become stronger.  Making this was fun and now we have some research to do.-“see y’all next time!”


This week I will not be in school because I am in Quarantine.

…so here is a made up logical story on our pandemic, COVID-19.


Let me tell you a story of my life and how I came to…die, tragically and hopelessly.  I am a made up character by the way.  all inside a 14 year old boys head.  I come by the name of Billy bob Joe but, I prefer Bill.  Please, just call me bill I really hate my actual name.  It really stinks to have a name like really stinks.  I am forced to tell you what I am wearing which is very embracing and I think there is no point of telling you this very confidential info but here it gos.  I am wearing short undies that are pink pass me down undies.  So you know that pink is not my undie fashion..ok.  I also have brown 1 month old long johns over my underwear.  One plain yellow oversized T-shirt with a fancy, brown  jungle vest over it.  Not my Ideal fashion but thats what I wore today.  Little joke to pull is that I am wearing a pare of one day old “holy” socks–get it I just pulled one there, ha! ha!  Tennis shoes also.  One day in my nice cloths, not the cloths I’m wearing right now, I was walking around in a pandemic with no face protection like a mask or a face shield.  I was protesting about how the pandemic was a lie and there was no such thing as, COVID-19.  Turns out I was very wrong because I would not be telling you this story if I wasn’t wrong!  I was 16 years old when I was gaging up vomit in the hospital begging for help.  I died when I was 16 people!    The doctors told me how the virus has injected its self into my body.  They told me this.  The virus can infect you by coming into the nose, mouth and, eyes and spread rapidly into my body to my cells.  The virus after abdicating my innocent body it then attacks my healthy well made cells.  The virus will use the machinery in my healthy cells to make more mean virus particles.  Once my cell is full of mean self serving viruses.  my cell will break open spreading the viruses to do the same stupid thing killing all my healthy cells.  Viruses only have a one track mind to kill spread and kill.  Happiness right now just, happiness.  The way I died is my blood clots broke open and landed wear my lungs were blocking vital  arteries and it killed me.  Man that was some hard suffocation I  had but hey its all over now and, I’m dead.

Thats my story.

urinary system

For our unit we are doing the urinary system.  for the urinary system unit we have done the projects on different kinds of diseases.      I had done bulimia for my project and you can see my other blog about bulimia at my home page.  We have now also done another project for this unit.  We have been split into many groups.  I was in a group with Aidan.  For the project we had to talk about a make believe journey we had in the, urinary system!  All the groups did a “story board that” for the make believe journey we had.  The story board was done by Aiden with some of my Input on it, so it was a group effort and I did the research and Aiden did some research also.  The research that we did together is down below.  The story board that we did is also quite funny.  It is about a family with Aiden and me and our two parents.  We go to a Christmas tree farm in the story and Aiden has to go to the bathroom so then we left with out a Christmas tree for Aiden to go to the bathroom.  In the story we got pulled over by the cops because our father sped up over the speed limit.  After a wile in the story Aiden finds a restroom and gets relief.  For the last part of the project we also had a visual of the urinary system.  it was on a piece of paper.  We used the supplies we got given to use.  We used a styrofoam ball cut in half and candy.  We had fun with this project together, it is always fun to do projects for units thank you Shane.  On the poster we labeled the different parts of the urinary system like, the bladder.  This was fun to do and I hope there are more fun projects to finish off my year of pathfinder, because now I’m in eighth grade.  Oh boy what happened-HA! HA!





The renal artery Is a pair of large blood veins that branch off of the abdominal aorta.  

The renal artery enters through the hilum located wear the kidney curves.  After the renal artery enters the hilum it splits into two main branches, they then split into numerous smaller arteries which deliver blood into many parts of the kidney.  The nephrons

Renal vein

The renal veins carry blood from the kidneys to the inferior vena cava.  There are two renal veins, one on the left side and right side of your lower abdomen.


The kidney is a bean shaped organ on either side of your spinal cord below your ribs and behind your belly.Each kidney  is about 4 or 5 inches long, roughly the size of a large fist. The kidneys’ job is to filter blood.


The nephron is the kidney function.  The function of the nephron is producing urine and also it removes wastes and excess substances from the blood.  There are about 1,000,000 nephrons in a person’s kidney.  


The bladder is a muscular sac located at the pelvis.  Its function is holding the urine waste.  When the bladder the urine gets disposed out of the bladder out into the vast world.  The bladder is layered by tissues and muscle to stretch to hold more and more urine.


There are two ureters in your body, they are two long tubes connected from the kidneys two the bladder. They carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder.  There are muscles in the outside of the ureters to force the urine down word to the bladder.  If the urine is not forced down or stays up, wear the kidney is, there is a chance of kidney disease.


The urethra is a tube that carries the urine from inside of the body to outside of the body to the toilet…usually in the toilet.  Its main function is disposing of your pee.


We have been doing the urinary system and we have done projects for this system.  For my project I have done a poster on bulimia which is a disease on your digestive system.  Bulimia is a disease that makes you barf up everything you eat.  Why you might ask.  Well the disease is more of an emotional or mental kind of disease.  Someone who would have it would look at there self and say man I need to be skinny or I can’t be fat so they barf up everything they eat.  Obusly this is bad.  This usually would happen to someone who is like a model because they care about how they look, its there job to be in shape so they would most likely be someone who would have this terrible disease. Bulimia will also not just make you barf the food you eat but over exercise, fasting diet and more.  Bulimia can kill you  in two ways or more.  You can die by not obtaining the nutrience from the food due to barfing your food up.  You can also die from acids in your stomach.  When you barf up food from your stomach and the food comes out of your esophagus which is your throat, not just food comes out but acids which are in your stomach to break down food that you eat.  When the acid come out of your esophagus it eats at your esophagus and makes wounds.  If you had bulimia and you don’t eat, the nutrience from the food can’t fight the bacteria in your wounds.  This is some or what bulimia is and if you want to know more, well…LOOK IT UP!

Digestive system

7/8 are doing the digestive system which kinda has to do with the bone and muscle thing we were doing not to long ago.  This week we did 3 fun labs, in one of the labs we were split into 3 different groups.  One group had to draw the digestive system wile the other groups did music about the digestive system like one, wrapped and the other group did instrumental stuff.  I was in the drawling group which was perfect because that was the group I wanted to be in so horay.  for the lab we had to draw a body which was me because I layed down on the paper as they traced me.  Then we drew the system and researched a bunch about it.  Some things about the digestive system is that the long tube that is your throat is connected from your stomach all the way back up to your mouth and ears and nose.  Cool fact about the small intestine is that it is the longest part of your digestive system and it has to fold many times just to fit in your odimin.  The stomach is what holds your food and breaks it down before it go’s to your small and large intestines.  After we did all that we presented it on front of the class which was very weird more like uncomftorble weird kinda.  The other groups presented there amazing music.  This was fun and it was a great way of learning it instead having to research and test and research and test having to sit at a desk.  We still do have to research and test but we get to do it in a fun matter so thats cool.


climate change is  happening!  The earth as some believe is heating up.  What is climate change you might ask.  Well climate change is basically the heat coming from humans or human things.  Cars, oil factories and, more are all sending off a substance that produces heat.  Like the gas, its making heat that spreads around the earth.  Now you may think its not effecting anything really but, it is.  In the arctic ice is melting.  Huh I wonder why!?  The heat from our human crap is heating up the world in places like the arctic.  Now there is a hunch that the ice that is melting is making the sea levels go hire.  It looks like that could be true due to the water rising in many bodies or water.  Some people have been finding water in there crawl spaces and basements because the water has been rising.  At my house the water has gone up and its in my crawl space.  I believe mostly this is all happening and wow there is a lot of stuff happening in our world right now.  Covid, murdur hornets, climate change etc. woohee!  That is a lot man what will happen next?!


This week we are doing the human body honestly I think its kinda gross but, thats me.  Its really fascinating to see all the parts of the body and how it works the, functions wow…..I still think its gross.  So we kinda talked about the body right now we, are given a slide show to do  about the human body.  Now I had looked up the stuff and I’m wowed of how many organs and pieces of the body there are, its amazing.  The muscles too wow!  every piece of the body dose something its amazing like, the brain the, heart all of it.  I am excited to learn more of it and yea!o

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